About us

We are a working group formed by an interdisciplinary team of investigators and researchers, media professionals and international cooperation for the development of the Mediterranean countries.

The initiative comes as part of the Foresight and Research Laboratory in Communication, Culture and Cooperation (LAPREC) inside the Department of Journalism and Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Located in the Faculty of Communication Sciences at UAB, Building I, Campus de la UAB (Bellaterra-Cerdanyola del Vallès).

Mediterranean Observatory of Communication

Mediterranean Observatory of Communication is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2004 by a group of professionals in information and communication linked to universities and international cooperation.

We are an interdisciplinary network of people and institutions on both sides of the Mediterranean working in the sector of information, communication and ICT in the region as a framework for action aimed at promoting dialogue, human development and exercise of human rights.

The Mediterranean


The Barcelona Process aims to build a central Mediterranean area is security, peace and shared prosperity among the countries of both shores. However, the Mare Nostrum still witness conflicts and tensions that linger in some cases, from decades.

OMEC is composed of organizations, institutions and people of Algeria, Egypt, Spain, France, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, whose long-term objective to contribute to the construction of a Mediterranean space is joint meeting of looks flattering, dialogue and cooperation among peoples and development based on human rights, as embodied in:


1. Promote networking and partnership relations between the different actors that make up the communication ecosystem Mediterranean - journalists, media, information and cultural industry, universities and professional organizations - to carry out exchanges, research, campaigns and projects and other joint activities, such as identifying experiences and specific case studies and analyze their applicability to the Mediterranean area.

2. Increasing access to knowledge and cultural diversity in the field of communication, information society and human development, promoting the production and translation of academic products, news, fiction and other Mediterranean languages ​​on a physical medium and addresses on the network to reduce the digital divide and contribute to the circulation and appropriation of the Mediterranean cultural production among its inhabitants.

3. Promote the mainstreaming of communication for development and social change in the relevant powers in the regional programs and projects of development cooperation, with particular emphasis on participatory processes and local trainers through interdisciplinary research, policy proposals public and specialized training.

4. Implement a system of indicators, data collection and regular reporting to enable monitoring, evaluation and development of proposals for intervention in the areas of communication rights and cyberspace, public policy, communication, social responsibility media, transition to information society and digital divide at the regional Mediterranean.

5. Influence public policies that create barriers to access, participation and ownership of the most vulnerable groups, incorporating a gender perspective in all its operations.



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