Lines of work

1. Construction of a Resource Centre: Creating a virtual portal that provides information about the various agents of the Mediterranean ecosystem of communication, information and links in five main areas:

a. Communication in the Mediterranean;
b. Communication for international cooperation;
c. Communication for human rights and democratic governance;
d. Communication for peace and conflict resolution;
e. Gender and Communication in the Mediterranean;

2. Networking: Conformation of the network of training centers and research in communication, union organizations and media professionals from the Mediterranean, with the aims:

a. Food portal
b. Seminar-Workshop on the role of media, training centers and communications professionals in the construction Mediterranean.
c. Joint investigations and research resources..

3. System of indicators "Media and human rights based development": Set up a system of indicators, data collection and preparation of periodic reports for monitoring, evaluation and preparation of proposals intervention in the areas of freedom of expression, public policy communications, social responsibility of media, transition to information society and digital divide in regional Mediterranean.

4. Dissemination of knowledge: translation and distribution of reference documents and research reports and conferences on specific aspects of the Mediterranean ecosystem of communication, communication for development and social change, rights to information and communication in cyberspace within the network and partnership relations.

5. Training: professional, through conferences, seminars, conferences and workshops and academic, particularly through the Master in Intermediterranean Mediation (MIM) given by: Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), University Ca 'Foscari of Venice (Italy) and University Paul Valéry of Montpellier (France).
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